About Our Family

We are so excited to have this blog so our family and friends can see what's happening in our lives. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family, and we are so happy to share our lives with you. Lexi is 7 years old and in second grade, she love's being a girly girl and playing school. Camryn is 3, and has a lot of energy, she wants to be just like her big sister and copies everything she does. Taylor is 1, she is our spioled precious baby and we love her smile. Thank you for stopping by we love you!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We got all the cousins together (we are missig Danelle's kids...so sad) and went to the mall to have all the kids take a picture with Santa. The litle lady helper wasn't very friendly and we think she should have worked someplace else because she was in a bad mood...oops! We got there at 9:00 and still waited in line for about 40 min. It was all worth the wait in the end!

Family Pictures

First time in the snow

On our way to Utah we stopped at an exit in Tahoe to let the girls play in the snow...they thought it was the funnest thing ever! It is fun to play in it...but I am glad I don't live in it!

Summer fix

It was so nice to visit our friends and family for Thanksgiving. Summer and I went to one of my favorite stores in Utah called Dear Lizzy's. Then we ate at the cafe in the store with Lexi and Brooklyn (cutest cafe ever!). My sister in law's and I went to see Summer's cute store (she has moved her store since then). We had so much fun together and it is nice that I get to have a Summer fix while I am there...I miss that girl!

Utah for Thanksgiving

We met up with Juan's friends: Jason and Susan, and Jared. It was fun to catch up!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bishops Pumpkin Patch

We went to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch yesterday and the girls had so much fun. It was such a long drive but well worth it in the end. We went on a train ride, mined for gold (marbles), saw farm animals, and picked out pumpkins. There was so much more to do but it closed before we could finish everything.

Cute baby goat

Camryn made a little goat friend at the pumpkin patch. She cuddled and snuggled with the goat the whole time and had a hard time leaving...she named her Sparkles (that is what she names everything latley).

Aptos Beach

Here are some pictures from Aptos Beach the first week of October. My parents rented a beach house and we took the kids out of school for a few days and went. The weather was PERFECT the whole time.The cousins love being with eachother and going for walks on the beach. When we left the girls cried...they love the beach so much and can't wait to go back in July!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Miley Cyrus Concert

Miley Cyrus Concert

We took the girls to the Miley Cyrus Concert on Friday in Oakland. They had so much fun at their first concert. Camryn asked if we could go home half way through...but Lexi want's to go again. It was a long night and I don't think we will be going to another concert anytime soon. Taylor stayed at home with Marma and Poppy, she has a few years before she can go to a concert.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Camryn's 1st day of Preschool

Camryn's first day of Preschool! I can't believe that she is going to be in Kindergarten next year....I used to get annoyed when when adults would say that "it goes by way too fast." I thought that 4 years of High School was an eternity...but it truly does go by way too fast. Before you know it they will be in High School. So I am enjoying EVERY minute of it. And trying to remind myself to enjoy every minute of it...even when things aren't too enjoyable. They are only little once!!!

Cute Girls

Cute girls posing for some pictures. Taylor won't smile at people when they say "Hi"... but pull out a camera and she makes the biggest cheeziest smile you have ever seen. Don't judge me that Taylor still has her bottle...we are in the process of taking it away!!


So Camryn was watching TV the other day after her bath, and she came over to me and said that she got a tooth brush stuck in her hair. It was so tangeled and twisted that I thought I was going to have to cut it out. Luckly I was able to get out without too much damage. Thats Camryn for you ...always trying new things!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

First day of school

Here is Lexi's first day of 2nd grade! She was very nervous to meet her teacher and find out who was in her class. She was so excited to wear her first day of school outfit because it had a tie and she thought she looked like Maddie on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. My little girl is growing up too fast!!!

Lexi's 7th Birthday

Lexi had her 7th Birthday at a place called Girlfriendz. They dressed up as rockstars and got their hair, make-up, and nails done. They sang all their favorite Hanna Montana songs and played some games. They had such a BLAST!!

Happy Birthday Lexi....we love you so much!!!